July 28, 2012 at 2:51 pm

Tunisian Crochet Graphs

When you get to a color change com has lots of videos showing how to change colors in tunisian crochet. Crochet Help > General Crochet Help Hi ~ both of my girls would like me to make them afghans. My oldest wants one that Kim, I don't count the first stitch. FOR THIS PATTERN I AM ASSUMING THAT YOU KNOW HOW TO READ/WORK A GRAPH AND HOW TO CHANGE COLORS. A graph or chart of the Upper Case letters of the English Alphabet. Can be worked many in different techniques. This video will show you how to follow a simple pattern such as a grid or cross stitch pattern, and use it with Tunisian crochet.

Tunisian Crochet Graphs

  • Single Crochet uses 9 times the width of fabric for 1 row. Tunisian Moss Stitch Tunisian Graphs: Always start at the bottom right corner.
  • exactly how much more yarn does crochet use versus knitting, or crochet versus Afghan/Tunisian.
  • Search for free cross-stitch graphs, patterns, tunisian crochet graphs, free graph paper maker, cross-stitch freeware, and graph freeware.
  • I know there is knitting graph paper but crochet? I try to make my own graphs and don't want to use the software.
  • please note: i place a grid over the pictures of my graphs to show they are graphs/charts.
  • the grids do not match up to actual graph you will receive.

More information about Tunisian Crochet Graphs on the site: http://playingwithyarn.com

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