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Triple Double Crochet

com/crochet/crochet-stitches Here is how to crochet Double Treble Stitch. SINGLE, DOUBLE, TRIPLE Shawl By Jodie Gordon Lucas – Athens, OH. www.queenieknits. Double crochet has one more loop than single; triple crochet works off one more loop than double. Free Crochet Video Tutorials: Learn to Crochet Video Series. The double triple crochet (abbreviated dtr ) creates a loose and holey fabric. The triple crochet is a little taller than a double crochet. Make your connecting leaf (chain 4, make 2 partial triple crochets in double crochet space, yarn over and draw through all loops on hook.

Triple Double Crochet

  • Learn how to make a double treble crochet stitch with expert tips and advice on crochet stitches in this free craft video series.
  • Triple Double Crochet: Receiving Blanket: Chain 73 and turn.
  • In the third chain, make one triple crochet.
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  • The double crochet is a very simple stitch.
  • Karin Virginia, United States Welcome visitors.

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