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Size H Crochet Hook

A beginner to the world of crocheting may feel overwhelmed when shopping for a crochet hook to start with. Need some info on crochet hook sizes? Click right in That is your hook size. There are several systems of letters and/or numbers that describe the sizing of crochet hooks. Before you get started on your free crochet pattern you need to be sure you have the correct crochet hook size. Lots of crocheters get confused about crochet hook sizes If you are using a crochet pattern, it should tell you what hook and yarn size to use as well. for great deals in Crafts > Needlecrafts & Yarn > Crocheting & Knitting > Crochet Hooks. quot;Aluminum Afghan Crochet Hook 14""-Size H" BOYE-Aluminum Afghan Crochet Hook measures 14in long and feature an extended tapered throat and smooth rounded head.

Size H Crochet Hook

  • The size of a crochet hook is determined by its measurement in millimeters.
  • The crochet hook size is selected based on the size of yarn being used.
  • This gauge was originally developed to aid in determining the size of handmade crochet hooks while in development.
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