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Pony Crochet Hooks

Melissa's Crochet Patterns wrote a note titled My Little Pony. Pony Double Ended Tunisian Crochet Hook – 2.00mm Product Ref: P650 – £3.25 . PONY DOUBLE ENDED TUNISIAN CROCHET HOOK. Pony Rosewood Crochet Hook Needles – Made from cocobola rosewood, these crochet hooks are exceptional! Each hook is about 15cm (5.75 ) long. You must thread the beads on before you begin to crochet. Plastic Needles & Crochet Hooks by Inox / Pony – For those larger wools, available from 7mm up to 20mm. Materials you will need are: Worsted weight yarn, pony beads, and two crochet hooks. One the size called for by your particular yarn or pattern, and a C hook-2.75mm.

Pony Crochet Hooks

  • These crochet hooks are used with wool or synthetic yarns to crochet garments/ rugs.
  • Find discount crochet hooks and crocheting supplies here at Knitting-Warehouse.
  • I can whip out a few ugly stitches if I have to. If you want to see crochet, talk to Jeanette or my Mother.
  • Crochet hooks are the necessary tools for the craft of crocheting.
  • These are needles with a hook on one end to convert the yarn or thread in to a crocheted piece.

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