July 25, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Magic Crochet No

New Magic Loom now available, patterns available on butterflyloom. Tutorial for a magic adjustable loop/circle for crochet in the round. I use this technique when making any kind of crocheted doll, or amigurumi. Learn how to crochet a perfect circle every time with the magic ring crochet ring technique with our fully illustrated tutorial. The question I get asked most often these days is how to make a magic ring to begin an amigurumi. There are no products to display! Copyright © 2011 Designed by KrymsinDesigns. The magic ring technique lets you make an initial ring that you can tighten so there is no hole in the center.

Magic Crochet No

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  • devised to solve this problem, one of which is the magic ring.
  • Hello and welcome to my Magic Crochet Magazine online store.
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  • I was wondering if you had a pattern for the kufi crochet baby beanie.

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