January 31, 2011 at 9:39 am

Love Knot Crochet Stitch

If you have been intimidated by love knots, I hope you will give them a try. They really are one of the most beautiful of all crochet stitches. The Solomon's Knot (a/k/a Love Knot, Lover's Knot, Hail Stone) is a beautiful crochet stitch that creates a lacy open pattern, perfect for shawls and wraps. This is a perfect project if you’re new to the Solomon’s Knot stitch or Love Knot Stitch. Crochet! magazine isn't the same old magazine that your grandmother had. Jam-packed with trendy, fun designs that you'll love wearing as much as you enjoy crocheting. Please subscribe to Naztazia’s channel! Check out these free patterns using this stitch: web.me.com and www.lionbrand. Video pedia World – How to Crochet – Solomon's Knot Stitch (Lover. com/ Filet Crochet Charts http://stylish-crochet.

Love Knot Crochet Stitch

  • Description: The solomon's knot, also called the "love knot," creates a open, lacy effect.
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More information about Love Knot Crochet Stitch on the site: http://video.tomp4.com

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