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How To Make Crochet Jewelry

I didn't know how to crochet when I decided to learn to bead crochet. That shows that it's not that difficult to learn. Crochet Jewelry takes crochet and beading in a whole new direction. Author Jacqui Harris shows how to make 25 crochet wire and bead necklaces in her book Crochet Wire and Bead Jewelry. Learn how to make a pair of crochet earrings with this photo jewelry or if you just want some fun immediate gratification jewelry to make. Find patterns for crocheted jewelry, including necklaces, chokers, and more. Crocheting hemp jewelry is a cheap, easy way or making unique gifts for family and friends.

How To Make Crochet Jewelry

  • Most of this type of jewelry is easy to make, while other require more knowledge, especially crocheted wire jewelry.
  • Yarn: "Bendigo Cotton 8ply"; or similar yarn.
  • How-to for the reverse single crochet stitch, also called the crab stitch, a favorite for edgings.
  • For more pronunciation, create the reverse half-double crochet stitch around.
  • instructions : Multiple of 10 + 5 stitches.
  • The double crochet (abbreviated dc ) is one of the most common crochet at the Beginning of a Row. How to Make a Double Triple Crochet.

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