July 30, 2010 at 10:53 pm

How To Crochet A Square

It is typically the way you create crochet flowers–one of my favorite embellishments. The classic granny square is a major foundation piece of many crochet patterns. Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial for a basic double-crochet granny. Hello Lovelies, today I'm posting a tutorial on how I make my granny squares. The granny square has lost some of it's appeal possibly by its name alone. These squares were THE "scrap-craft" of our ancestors. I've always enjoyed crocheting granny squares.

How To Crochet A Square

  • Recently, I came across a Flickr photo with brightly colored flower granny squares.
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  • How to crochet a granny square with step by step directions.
  • You will find how to crochet granny square directions on this page.
  • The directions are step by step and will help the beginner to the square required for the blanket.
  • After following 'How to crochet a Granny Square throw part 1' You have become a pro at these Granny Squares.

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