August 26, 2011 at 4:30 am

Free Crochet Wrap

A free crochet shawl pattern to make for winter. This pretty pink fan shaped shawl with the decorative edge will add a touch of style to many outfits. Find a variety of free crochet patterns for making shawls, wraps and ponchos. This list also includes similar projects such as stoles, capes, capelets and ruanas. One of thousands of free Crochet patterns on the Lion Brand Yarn Knitting and Crocheting Web Site. These Crochet Wrap Patterns are great to throw on over a dress or even a sweater in the winter. These are sophisticated crochet patterns anyone can craft.

Free Crochet Wrap

  • Also, aare you supposed to go all the way around the wrap with the single crochet? Then, row 2 and 3, I am totally lost.
  • Crochet and Other Stuff: Tropical Shawl with fringe – free crochet.
  • More free shawl patterns: Shawl Patterns, Knitting Shawl Patterns.
  • Easy crochet shawl pattern made in Moda Dea Swerve.
  • A collection of free poncho, shawl and wrap crochet patterns.
  • The crochet pattern collection includes lacy ponchos and shawls, as well as warm winter shawls and wraps.

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