July 21, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Crochet Silver Wire

My jewelry designs have grown out of my love for crochet and beading. Pure silver (a.k.a. "fine silver," more pure than sterling) is softer, more pliant than the copper I used for the first bracelet. Random bead pattern and crocheted onto 30 guage silver wire. I like the way the beads look like they're floating. Crochet hook, size 0 (not available on Artbeads. com) Sterling silver wire round 26 gauge half hard – approx. I also have to warn you that crocheting with wire is a slippery slope to going VERY off the wall.

Crochet Silver Wire

  • Susanne Williams crochets wire into a bracelet and then weaves ribbon into the silver wire.
  • Use crochet to make a stunning ring from fine silver wire.
  • A large cabochon stone is held in place in a crocheted wire setting which can be adapted in a variety of ways.
  • With the exception of the necklaces displayed, all wire crochet necklaces are special Each strand uses approximately 6 feet of sterling silver wire.
  • Wild Child – Easy Scarf (crochet) An easy-to-make scarf that's fun to wear, shown in Patons Wild Child.
  • Maggie Weldon Boa Hat and Scarf Set for Children Pattern [PA205] – Get festive this Holiday season with the Child's Hat and Scarf Set. Dress it up or dress it down.

More information about Crochet Silver Wire on the site: http://www.myhandmadejewelry4u.com

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