June 30, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Crochet Pattern A Day

Discover thousands of free patterns to download. DC = Double Crochet . Motif: Light Green. Base: CH 7, Sl to 1st CH made, Ch 1, turn. The calendar includes a lot of cute quick gift ideas: fun and funky as well classy crochet. All about crocheting and learning how to crochet, starting with the basic crochet stitches. Find free crochet patterns plus pictures, instructions and videos. I lost any will to crochet or knit because I wasn’t The pattern is from Lionbrand.

Crochet Pattern A Day

  • Barb's Crochet – Extensive collection of crochet links for stitches,patterns, supplies, techniques, and tutorials.
  • Crochet one square each day, or as often as desired, until enough squares are completed to be sewn into the table cloth.
  • Am manually (due to complications) removing & re-adding 100+ links tonight.
  • This involves time, keyboard shortcuts, & plenty of chocolate.
  • Like a lot of other people, I use crochet for therapeutic reasons.
  • It has helped me out during difficult times in my life.

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