August 16, 2011 at 11:45 am

Christmas Crochet Doily

If you enjoy crocheting doilies, check out these free crochet doily patterns.  There are free patterns for vintage doilies as well as contemporary doilies. 20+ Christmas Crochet Patterns Sampler: Christmas Tree Patterns, Snowman Crochet Pattern, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Doily patterns and more. View additional images : CHRISTMAS Santa FILET CROCHET PATTERN Doily Picture. Custom designed filet crochet pattern of a cheerful Santa Claus. Christmas Crocheted Ornaments Sometimes I'm asked how I make these ornaments. It begins with a size #30 thread, a size 11 steel crochet hook, and a tiny doily pattern.

Christmas Crochet Doily

  • I've not bought the actual crochet thread before.
  • I tried to work with it in the past and found it so tiny that I just couldn't get anywhere.
  • Dress up the house for the holidays with crochet doilies.
  • It is made by me from a pet free and smoking free home.
  • CHRISTMAS CROCHET DOILY . January 17, 2012 admin CROCHET, 0. Free Crochet Doilies – Miscellaneous Doily Patterns.
  • Make yourself a crocheted doily coaster for the holiday season.

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